Frequently Asked Question

Please read our FAQ's before doing any transaction.

Q.1) What is ?.
Ans.Exchangerpoint is an e-currency exchanger .We provide the exchange ,buy and sell service for crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum , Ripple, Dogecoin etc.

Q.2) What is the minimum amount to exchange,sell and buy?.
Ans.Yes we do have minimum amount of $10 or 1000 INR for buy and 500 INR for sell.

Q.3) What is the processing time?.
All the order are processed within 24 hours based on currency type and payment method.You can contact us if your order is not processed within this time.

Q.4) Which all country people can do the exchange?.
Ans.We are open to all over the globe.

Q.5) are you doing bank wire transaction?.
Ans.Yes we do bank wire as outgoing transaction

Q.6) what will happen if I send the money to wrong account?.
Ans.We are not responsible for that.Its customer responsibility to check account properly

Q.7) If I have given wrong e-currency account or bank details by mistake?.
Ans.If you inform us before completion of transaction we will try our best to make it correct.This process may take time.

Q.8) Do you offer refunds in case we made a mistake?.
Ans.No. Absolutely no refunds allowed. All transactions are final once you have created a transaction and sent us the money. You have to start another transaction should you want you original e-currency back.

Q.9) Why my transaction has been refused?
We reserve the right to refuse the transaction if we notice any kind of suspicious behaviors (IP changes, using multiple PP's accounts etc.). If you think we are acting unjustified you can contact us using our Support ticket.

Q.10) Can I request a refund and how much time will take to get refund?
Yes you can request a refund by submitting support ticket with your order details .Refund will be processed in 7 working days.

Q.11) Can I send from friend or family account?
NO , We do not accept payment from friend or family account . If you still send your order will be cancelled and we do not offer refund so always send money from your own account.

Q.12) Do you need Id Verification?
Yes, We do require full id verification for both buy and sell trades.If you are unable to provide verification your funds will be freezed and your order will not be completed or not be refunded.

Q.13) does third party transfers accepted?
We do not support third party transfer and we do full id verification . If you are unable to verify then your order will not be completed and we dont offer refund for these orders. Your funds will be freezed.